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Courses and Workshops

For Community Members and Healers

Your Time is Now: 

Practical Applications for 

Building a Sustainable Life

The time is now to reframe and develop a life that is enjoyable and sustainable for you and those you love. You deserve to live a harmonized life, not one that is at constant battle with itself. It is within your power and ability to design days where you feel fulfilled, happy, and content.


In this course we will discuss practical applications for you to set priorities and fit them into a framework that will allow you to live your life to it's fullest. Burnout and self-care are the latest buzzwords, but what do they mean and how can you make them work for the life you want? I'll help. See you soon! 

Purple Sparkler

An Introduction

to Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine, a modality that has been used around the world for centuries. As a medical professional, this is one modality in my tool kit that I reach for the most. A calm, healing modality that I reach for often. Energy medicine can be used on yourself and others, including pets! 

Join me for this introductory course to learn the history and basics of energy medicine. We will also work through a few experiences to help you feel the body's energetic field. 

Reflexology Therapy

Intuition: Finding it,

Knowing it, Trusting it. 

Intuition, we all have it. Maybe you are familiar with it, but don't know how to work with it or need to trust it more? Maybe you don't feel like you have intuition or have never felt it before? Either way, I can help! 

Intuition is something is a part of my life constantly. I make big and small decisions with my intuition, I rely on it for promptings and reassurance. My relationship with my intuition is a priceless gift, one I want for you as well

In this course we will discuss what intuition is, the different types of intuition, ways to discover it and build trust with your personal guidance system (aka, your intuition!). We will also discuss how to work with your intuition and how to protect yourself from being overrun by your intuition. 

Sunset in the Nature
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