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Dr. Sara Marie's 

Healing Philosophy

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Healing is multi-dimensional. We are far more than physical beings. We have a soul, an energetic force, a dynamic mind, and emotions that ALL play a role in how we physically show up in this life. I feel strongly that all of these aspects must be acknowledged for true healing.

Throughout my 25-year sports medicine career I have felt passionately about acknowledging ALL aspects of healing with my patients. In my personal life I have lived by these principles for myself and my family. I not only believe these truths to my depths, but have stories and examples that would keep us here talking with a cup of tea all week – or longer if you like.

I have focused my educational career and medical practice towards being an integrative multi-disciplinary practitioner. I LOVE working with the physical body but find my true passion in incorporating modalities that assist our biofield, emotions, mental capacity and spiritual aspects to full healing as well. It is during these multi-aspect sessions that I see the most complete and effective healing.

I also strongly believe that each of us are in charge of our own healing. Yes, there are many healers and professionals out there to help us along the path, myself included…. but we are each in charge of ourselves. Because of this I want to share this information with as many individuals as possible – individuals, healers, medical professionals, mentors, and everyone in between. The more information we have, the more appropriately we can make decisions that work best for us.

I have found great success and peace in a medical practice that combines integrative health modalities, numerous physical therapies, biofield or energy medicine, mind-body practices, and more. We are more than physical machines. I’m here to support and encourage a path of healing that reflects that. Are you ready to heal? I’m ready to help. I’m grateful you are here. Welcome to the path.

- Dr. Sara 

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