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Courses and Workshops

For Medical Professionals

- Sports Medicine, Athletic Trainers, Body Workers and other Medical Professionals - 

Energy Medicine: An Introduction for Healthcare Professionals

Energy Medicine, a modality that has been used around the world for centuries. As a medical professional, this is one modality in my tool kit that I reach for the most. A calm, healing modality that can be combined with other modalities, has no contraindications and is virtually risk free. 

Join me for this introductory course to learn the history and basics of energy medicine. We will also work through a few experiences to help you feel the body's energetic field, how it can be used during medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as discuss how to continue honing your skills. 

Leg Injury

Affirmations and Visualizations for Treatment and Rehabilitation

The body holds emotion, which manifests in physical symptoms and conditions. Some, if not all, injuries have underlying emotional and mental attachments. 

When working with the body only, we are only addressing part of the whole. Affirmations and guided visualizations are a great way to access and transmute emotion and thoughts that are attached to physical manifestations. These affirmations and visualizations can be done separate, or simultaneously, treatment and rehabilitation. 

This course will discuss how to identify appropriate affirmations and visualizations, how to use them in conjunction with other modalities, or use them as a stand-alone action. As medical professionals, this is a great tool for your meta-physical med kit. 

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